About us - Japan Campaign to Ban Landmines (JCBL)

JCBL is a NGO with a purpose to campaign towards ban of landmines and cluster munitions from humanitarian stand point of view. JCBL is a member organization of International Campaign to Ban Landmines (ICBL) -  ICBL and its coordinator Jody Williams was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1997 for its effort to bring about the Mine Ban Treaty. JCBL is also a participant organization to Cluster Munition Coalition (CMC), a worldwide network of NGO to ban cluster munitions which is considered as "the Second Land Mine".    

JCBL was once nominated and became the committee board member of ICBL and CMC in 2011, the board member is composed of organizations world wide.

JCBL's Principle

We consider landmine problems to be environmental obstruction which impede both humanitarian and social reconstruction/development. We are working to realize a complete ban of landmines against human and cluster munitions so that people around the world could live without fear of these weapons and munitions.

As coexisting partners living on Earth, our aim is to work together with compassion and sympathy for the suffering and despair of landmine victims in order to realize a Mine Free World. We believe that without such activities, we would not be able to eliminate the negative heritage of the 20th century, nor discharge the social burden caused by the increased number of innocent victims and devastation of vast agricultural land.

In order to realize these aims, we are conducting following activities.

- Advocacy
   There are still many countries in Asia-Pacific region not members of Ottawa Treaty. JCBL is cooperating with campaign organizations under ICBL together with advocacy to Japanese government so that these countries will join the treaty.

- Survivor assistance
   Under the activities of survivor assistance, as one such activity to mention, we are assisting Uganda Landmine Survivor Association (ULSA) from 2006.

- Mine Free Asia
   We are providing financial assistance to campaign organizations to ban landmines to  such countries as in Burma/Myanmar, Nepal, Afghanistan and India. 

- Conducting lectures and organizing symposiums
   In order to promote further understanding surrounding the issue of banning landmines and cluster munitions, we are conducting lectures and organizing symposiums.

Please also refer to reports made by Landmine & Cluster Munition Monitor which is providing research products for ICBL. Annual report is available online.