Significance of activities

Currently, even though great countries such as USA, Russia and China do not join in, the state parties to the Treaty increased to 162 countries. 88 state parties have finished destroying their stockpiles, in numbers destroying over 48 million antipersonnel mines.

Comprehensive mine action programs by United Nation, government and NGOs are having been taken; as a result, public opinion toward landmines has risen and in many mine affected countries casualties of mine-related incidents decreased dramatically.

For example, in early mid-2000, Afghanistan and Cambodia announced that if they could get the present level of funding consecutively, the implementation of their social life and economic activity without threat of mines could be done within 10 years.

But Asia region, including more non-signatories than any other regions in the world, has 19 non-signatories. 8 of them are still producing landmines. Cooperating with ICBL group in Asian region and through proposition to Japanese Government, JCBL is trying to call them to join the Treaty.

Activities of JCBL

-Advocacy of mine problems to the Japanese people and government.

-To offer assistance to NGOs in developing countries belonging to ICBL.

-Collection and distribution of international mine related information.

-Participation in mine related international conferences.

-Education of young campaigners.

-Publication of News Letters.

-Research and writing of the Japanese chapter of Landmine Monitor Report.

-To hold symposium, seminar and photo exhibition.

-Lending panels, full-size models of landmines.

Past activities

-Assistance for Cambodia Trust (British NGO): Financial contribution to the salaries of fields workers who took outreach project in remote villages in Cambodia in order to provide mine victims with artificial legs, or funding the expense for making the teaching materials to use for mine risk education in Nepal and Pakistan.

-Donation to Afghanistan local NGO to set up bulletin boards warning the danger of landmines when refugees were on their way home.

-Research project on mine victims in South Korea with local NGO.

-Participation in landmine related international conference

We try to collect the newest and most extensive land mine information to publicize it in Japan and send the Japanese information to the world by participating in conferences of United Nations, ICBL and mine affected countries.

Ban Cluster Bombs Campaign

Currently, as same as ICBL, JCBL is also focusing on prohibition of cluster munitions. For global perspective on this issue, please access the website of Cluster Munition Coalition (CMC).


(1) We stress on the importance of educating the young generation concerning the subject matter. We conduct educational class sessions at various school levels on request basis.

(2) For those conducting educational sessions on their own, we lend out educational materials such as models of anti-personnel landmines for educational purpose.
Please contact our office if you would like to request for class sessions or for educational materials.

Butterfly Campaign - "One Flap, Global Impact"

Based on the theory that one flap by a butterfly somewhere in the globe could build up to have the power to change the path course of a hurricane, "One Flap, Global Impact", we campaign people to participate by writing messages on butterfly shaped message cards and sending them to the embassies of the states in Japan that remain outside of the Mine Ban Treaty.

"Join the Treaty!"